Asperger’s As an Adult

Sounds like a good book to read.  Autism and it’s associated developmental disorder Asperger’s Syndrome have created quite a bit of information.    If you want to separate some of the facts and fictions, this is a good story to hear!

Did not think about depression and anxiety as a part of Asperger’s.  We all have eccentric sides to our personalities.  His comments about the teacher and school  stories remind me of how so much of my life I felt like an outsider looking in.  Some things have my total focus, and others well, you just never know.

So many times I was sent to the hallway or Principal’s office.   I actually liked it in those offices, where it was quiet and I could think.

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Tri-Sigma Convention – June 2013

Not sure how this happened, but I volunteered to help with the 2013 Tri-Sigma convention and be on a committee!  I ended up with Tours, as Chair.

Never done this before, but I am going to have to learn new things very fast.

Hoping that my WDW operations experience will help.  Time will tell, and I need lots of eager young volunteers to help me with this committee.


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..the elbow…

I am doing my therapy after the most amazing elbow surgery, but lifting a computer that weighs more than two pounds as I travel is putting a burden on my left arm.  I have to revisit my PT with Mayo..


Stay tuned…

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…on the road..

Around the end of the year, I accepted a full time job opportunity and came out of my semi-retirement to go back to work.  Since December, I have been traveling to Georgia and working with a new client.

It is an exciting time, managing change and helping my client achieve their objectives.  It’s good to work with a team again, and focus on some common goals.

The Travel is not fun however.  The Travel is boring, waiting for delays.  The Travel is exciting, yes the engine cowl is open and a bunch of engineers are frowning looking at the engine.    The Travel requires human kindness and patience, yes I live in Orlando, and no I don’t go to WDW all the time.

My observations about the job are interesting.

I am working for a company that must transform it’s business from product to service.  I love innovation.

My company must learn a new way to provide customer service that is customer driven.  That change is difficult for any industry, but very difficult in the Education Instustry.

Time will tell how things go, but between now and my 65th, I am again on the road supporting my professional mission in life.


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Tennis Elbow – Redux

Dr. Stephen Trigg, finger, hand, arm reattachment specialist at Mayo JAX is quite the human.  He performed repaired my elbow, tendons, and who knew about those nerves?  The two clusters he “released, repaired” are called, The Leash of Henry and The Arch of Frosh!  Something that was going to take about two weeks turned into two months.

My right elbow where the “tennis elbow pain” was my constant friend has vanished.  However, I am now in process of retraining my right arm, and hand to use again.  The forearm, and hand muscles are a bit weak:(, after wearing a splint and a cast for almost ten weeks.

I am finally able to walk, and ride my bike again, and it’s wonderful.  There are many tasks that I needed help with over though that were quite humbling.

It was hard to use my right hand, stiff, and for a time, I could not type.  I could not drive for a while.   My brain was turning to mush and being a couch potato is not my style, truly.   I still have some issues dressing myself, those pesky snaps, buttons, clasps and reaching to my middle back is quite a stretch, no pun intended.  But I am doing well, and back to semi normal for me!  I truly appreciate the frailties of we humans and promise to have more empathy for humanity.

It will likely take a year for full movement to be restored while I perform my own PT, stretching and resume normal activities.  In the meantime, I truly appreciate the fact that I can type again, use my hand and resume my normal life.

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